Tree Protection Plans & Reports

Helping People Make Informed Decisions About Trees

When proposing the construction of buildings, roads, landscape or other structural additions near existing trees; it is often essential to have the project guided by an experienced and qualified consulting arborist.

ArborLogic has specialized in design and development near existing trees for over 20 years. We are familiar all of the planning processes to get your your design approved. We are responsive, informed, and cater to the time demands of your project.

The proposed development project is assessed as to its impact on these existing trees (i.e. tree preservation, tree removal, root loss mitigation, etc...).

These arborist reports and plans are often required by the governing body, such as the city or county, and as a condition of permit approval.

To find out if your project requires an arborist assessment check the City or County tree ordinances where the proposed project is located.

We Provide:
  • Initial Tree Resource Assessment
    • All trees are individually identified and represented on a Tree Resource Plan for an up-to-date and accurate assessment of their health, condition, protection status, and tree protection areas for a quick analysis of the tree resource and development impacts. This provides the design team with a description of what trees can, or should be, preserved and how close to build without special considerations.
    • Specific state-of-the-art recommendations for architects and engineers concerning design alternatives near protected trees. 
  • A Tree Protection Report and / or Plan can then be provided for submission for design approval.
  • Follow-up Design Consultations.
  • Public appearances at meetings with planners, city councils and the public to answer questions about construction mitigation measures.
  • Project Arborist services throughout the construction phase.